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The Benefits of Using Beard Oil Bearded men are very attractive. Not only does a neat and groomed beard make a man look so manly, it also makes him look very sexy. Take note of the words well-groomed and neat, which are very important for a beard to make a man pass that kind of look. Thus, men will find a shiny, combed and trimmed beard a necessary part of grooming. To achieve a shiny beard, men need beard oils. So, what is a beard oil and why is it essential in grooming facial hair. A beard oil is actually a moisturizer specially formulated for bear or facial hair. To make facial hair look as beautiful as the hair on top, given that the former is coarser, it needs pretty much the same amount of “TLC.” The oil can do a lot of good to hair on the face. Usually, ingredients like jojoba oil, grape-seed oil, argan oil, almond or castor oil make up this moisturizer. Moreover, beard oils have been added with vitamin E and they are mixed with essentials oils for scent or aroma. And because they are products for men, scents like cedarwood, peppercorn, and lime are prominent scents for Beard oils. So moving forward, how does one use beard oils? First of all, the best time to apply beard oil is after cleansing the face or after shower. The reason behind is that the pores of the skin are open by then, thus allowing the skin to absorb the oil. As a result, the oil can more effectively make the beard shiny and healthy-looking. A man only needs a few drops of beard oil to get that attractive shine.
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There are other reasons for a man to use beard oil, as a matter of fact. Obviously, the first one is that it nourishes and moisturizes the skin below the beard. This is a good reason to massage the beard as you apply the beard oil. And because the area is moisturized, those unsightly beard flakes can be avoided. Beard flakes appear like dandruff.
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Regular use of beard oil helps a person avoid irritation from dry skin such as itchiness. This itchiness happens after sometime when the beard has already reached a certain length or after a trim. The beard itself is more manageable and softer with every use of the oil. For men who like keeping their beard very longer, they can avoid getting tangles with this oil. Last, but never the least, beard oils give men that musky and very masculine scent that many women love. If you want all these and more from a beard oil, make sure you get one with the best ingredients that are good for your skin.