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Thailand Scuba Diving is the Best in the World Bangkok in Thailand is one of the most visited cities in the world. A lot of people are going to Thailand mainly because they want to participate in the PADI scuba diving activity. Thailand is famous for its mountainous treks, fantastic shopping, delicious food, pristine beaches, and safe but exciting scuba diving experiences. In other parts of the world there are other scuba diving sites even offering more extreme or more convenient scuba diving. There are even countries that has more developed infrastructure yet Thailand is the place where there is a perfect balance that all these other countries have to offer. Aside from having friendly locals and good food, you can also go snorkeling with the whale sharks and do just about everything you wish to do. When it comes to having the best recreational scuba diving in the world, the competition is very fierce. Thailand, Indonesia, and some parts of the Caribbean are in a stiff competition for the best diving destination. But, there are things that you need to sacrifice to be able to get into the water at these places. In Indonesia, diving may offer some more extreme or colorful diving sites, but the transportation system in this country are far behind those of Thailand. Central America, on the other hand, has too much boat traffic at the best diving destinations. There is also a popular practice of luring sharks in the are. Many countries in the world are better than Thailand when it comes to services, convenience, and quality, but when it comes to having a great diving destination at competitive prices, Thailand beats them all. When you visit Thailand, you will find that they have kind-hearted and hospitable people, and their food is fantastic and inexpensive. And these are the reasons why Thailand always stays on top when it comes to tourist destinations.
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Where, in Thailand, are the best places to go scuba diving? One of the diving destinations which is the best single site in Thailand is the Richelieu Rock, the submerged pinnacle. The best diving destination is 90 km south and very near to Phuket which is called the Similan Islands. What is great about these Simlan Islands is that you will find more than twenty wonderful underwater oases with millions of creatures around eight uninhabited islands and lies just a few hours from your luxury hotel. There is also Koh Similar on Thailand’s west coast and is in the Andaman Sea. On the east coast of Thailand, there are two diving destinations in the Koh Tao and the Gulf of Thailand, and in these places you can find more diving tourists than you will ever find in Koh similan. The better diving is certainly found at the latter. Here you can experience deeper and clearer waters which have more visibility, and the marine life is more diverse and colorful and on greater numbers.The Essential Laws of Tips Explained