Really Want to Lose Another Pant Size

I started on this project after I was cleaning out the attic a few weeks back. I came across a garbage bag full of clothes that I could no longer wear and had not been able to wear for years. Of course since then I have lost and gained about fifteen pounds several times over. Of course if I went to this place and bought the girdle like thing that they sell I would be able to squeeze into the blouses that were in this bag, in fact I could wear some of them now. It reminded me that I had not really accomplished my goal when I started trying to drop all of the weight earlier this year. It was like it is usually is for me. At first I am really motivated and I put in all the effort that is required to lose the weight. However once I get close to the goal I start to become satisfied with what I have already done.

Obviously the hard work makes it really hard to stick with any weight loss goal, but I have managed to take off most of the weight I wanted to lose and keep it off. These jeans reminded me that I was pretty close to where I wanted to be. It also reminded me that I used to have a lot more money that I could spend on clothes. Now I have a whole lot of bills that have to be paid. I was still living with my Mom when I bought some of these pairs of jeans and when you are young, then you care a lot more about how you look. Now I am not really going out to have a good time every night, it is exhausting just to think about it.