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Natural Ways of Dealing with Varicose Veins Man has used different methods to fight diseases over the years. Each part of the world has its own unique way of handling specific ailments. When it comes to the real of medicine there are no limits. Human beings have been plagued with a number of diseases and it is a great thing that man has been capable of creating different treatment methods for these diseases. Varicose veins is one of the vascular diseases that has really affected a number of people. These vascular diseases are said to be linked to how human beings live their lives. This refers to what people eat, and whether they exercise. Luckily, there have been some breakthroughs in dealing with these diseases. Varicose veins is where increased inflammation in veins interferes with natural vein elasticity. This disease can be managed through a number of natural interventions. Below are some of the natural ways that have been used as interventions in treating the disease. Proper Weight management
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Since this disease is considered a lifestyle disease, it has a lot to do with how people live. A poorly maintained body weight can easily cause the development of varicose veins. This condition mostly affects obese people, women in particular, and elderly people as well. Excess body weight can increase pressure and lead to reflux. This refers to the inflammation of the superficial veins, for example the saphenous vein found in the leg. According to various studies varicose veins can be hard to detect if an individual is obese. When this happens the swelling continues to go on and this can be detrimental to the individual’s health.
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Employing Essential Oils Many essential oils can be employed to help improve one’s blood blow and also lower inflammation of these veins. Cyprus oil is one of the essential oils which can be used to help those suffering from varicose veins. This particular oil is good for improving one’s circulatory system. Rubbing five drops of this oil on the affected areas daily over a few weeks will help improve the condition significantly. Do Some Exercises Exercising your body can effectively lead to a more improved flow of blood. Research done by the National Institute of lungs, blood and heart shows that the risk of getting Varicose Veins increases as a result of poor sitting posture. Exercise helps to balance hormones and lower blood pressure. Anti-inflammatory Diet There are different types of anti-inflammatory foods that can be used to reduce cases of varicose veins. They include high fiber foods such as vegetables and fruits. High antioxidant foods such as berries and citrus fruits can also be great foods for managing this condition.