What You Need To Know About Liposuction

In recent years cosmetic procedures such as liposuction have become more and more commonplace. Patients unhappy with their appearance may opt to undergo body contouring surgery such as lipoplasty which involves suctioning out fat cells usually in problematic areas such as the stomach, thighs, arms, or buttocks. Contrary to what many prospective patients believe procedures such as liposuction don’t provide permanent weight loss solutions but are effective only on a short term basis especially when patients fail to make healthier lifestyle changes involving diet and exercise.

Side Effects

Patients undergoing liposuction may experience a number of side effects including localized bruising, swelling, pain, numbness, and scarring.


As with any surgical procedure liposuction is not without its risks. Patients should be aware that in some instances they may experience infection, bleeding, damaged skin, perforated organs or deep vein thrombosis. Death is rare but does occur in a small percentage of patients. Minor risks can include lumpy skin if too much fat tissue is removed. Factors contributing to negative outcomes include the overall medical condition of the patient, the extent of tissue removal, and type of anesthetic used.


Liposuction may be performed under local or general anesthesia. Fat is removed using an aspirator and a hollow tube known as a cannula. The procedure can also be performed with the assistance of an ultra sound or laser which serves to break up and liquefy the fat cells which are then removed using a suctioning device.


Post Surgery

In the three weeks after body contouring surgery patients are required to wear a compression garment in order to ensure optimum results. Although light exercise is encouraged strenuous work outs should be avoided for up to a month after the operation. Pain medication may also be prescribed to treat any discomfort.

Patients seeking liposuction in Green Bay have numerous options both in terms of what medical facility to choose as well as what type of procedure best suits their individual needs. According to Green Bay Plastic Surgery Associates, S.C. the average cost of liposuction will set you back between $3,500 and $7,5000.

Those looking for other options in terms of liposuction in Green Bay should consider tumescent liposuction at a facility such as Hotchandani Laser, Vein, and Cosmetic Surgery. Abdominal surgery, also known as a tummy tuck, is a popular operation geared to treat saggy skin especially in the case of women who have given birth or those people who suffer from loose skin prior to losing a significant amount of weight. The goal of this type of surgery is to improve the overall appearance of the stomach not only by removing fat but also by tightening the skin.

It should be noted that according to doctors and health care professionals invasive procedures such as liposuction should not be considered as a cure for the problem of obesity. Diet and exercise are still the most recommended methods not only of losing weight but also keeping it off on a long term basis.