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All About Stay Interviews

Human resource professionals know that in an exit interview, most likely the employee won’t change their minds about leaving. From time to time, H.R. would be thinking about what would have happened if they knew about the situation and would have prevented the employee from leaving. An answer to exit interviews is to replace them with stay interviews.

A good company will have a complex orientation process and also have a setup that will allow new employees as well as your old ones to have mentors. Most companies though will only have an initial employee setup program but then leave the future success up to the manager or supervisor. Sometimes, managers and supervisors are the reasons for the problem. The most common reason why people leave their companies is because of a clash between managers, co workers, or ethics. You can stop a nagging issue from becoming worse by asking people questions about what they like about their job, what could be the reason why they would leave, and what their needs are. The employee will engage with you and there will be more chances of them staying in the organization.

How much people would want to stay in their respective companies strongly depends on their needs being well provided for. People have wanted the same things for a long time. Employees want work that excites and challenges them. Career growth and learning more about their jobs are important factors as well. They also strive to have good relationships with people they work with.
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A proactive and positive way of determining what people want is to inquire about it while they are still in the company. Stay interviews can help you determine how an employees progress is going, their relationships with others, and general issues they may have. This can be done through performance review process. You will be able to determine the culture in your organization as well as employee needs.
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This process should involve all employees and can be integrated with performance appraisal. Your demographics is a good thing to look at if the process is not practical for you. Find out what kind of employees are wanting to leave the organization. Also find out if the employees you are losing were with you for less than five years. Do your research and gather information on what departments or areas do these employees come from. You have a lot of work to do if the employees are coming from the same areas. Find out if there are areas in your organization that do well with keeping good employees. Look at what they are doing right and try to replicate what they are doing. Sometimes you would need to change either the work environment or leadership methods, but it would be worth it in the end.