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Five Ways to Boost Your E-commerce Site’s Success If you have a website through which you sell tangible products, then you’re in for the excitement and profitability offered by e-commerce. With an e-commerce site, customers and potential customers can reach you anytime and anywhere. However, if your website is not set up effectively, it won’t be as useful as it’s supposed to be. Look into these five factors which are vital to e-commerce success: 1. Detailed, To-the-Point Product Information Visitors want to know what’s going on behind the things they buy from you. If product information is not clear, lacking or absent, they might not buy the product. All necessary details must be there, but in concise form. Put the most important ahead, followed by the specifics. Always include a high-quality photo of the product with a little description.
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2. Install an internal search engine.
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Nothing is as frustrating as using an e-commerce site’s search feature and getting tons of irrelevant results. Make sure your search engine software is effective in filtering and refining searches. 3. Keep your checkout process simple. Think about shopping in a brick and mortar store. Don’t you want it to be as straightforward as possible? Your customers or prospective customers would also want the same. Certainly, there may be a few more steps online shoppers have to take, like choosing a shipping method, but the general process can still be quick and easy if done properly. The first page should ask for all important information about the customer (mailing & billing address, preferred shipping method, credit card number, etc.), and the next page should be for order confirmation. If they have to go through more than two pages, they might just ditch the transaction. Intuitive Navigation Your whole e-commerce site must be reasonably easy steer. A hassle-free user experience makes visitors stay on your site and return in the future. Place your product menus and links in a prominent position on your site, ensuring that the products are correctly filed under each category. On top of that, every page should come with an easy way for users to get your contact information, select a new category, go back to the homepage or go straight to the shopping cart. 5. Well-designed and Equipped Shopping Cart A shopping cart layout should be simple, effective in displaying company branding, and have prominently positioned checkout buttons. A shopping cart page must also include such functions as selecting a shipping option, changing quantities, picking options for pricing, and putting more products into the cart. Lastly, make sure to provide a range of payment options to your customers; otherwise, you could end up restricting your business’ potential for growth.