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Use of Hypnosis to Treat Psycho-social Conditions

Many people may have heard the word hypnosis in social spheres especially in music. But how many people actually know that apart from being used in music it can be used to solve medical and psycho-social problems? Well, hypnosis is a situation where a person focuses primarily on one issue. This concentration means that the person pays attention to fine details that would have been overlooked in a normal situation. It is also possible to guide and counsel the person since in such a state the person is willing to take advice. This therefore makes hypnosis a very conducive method of treating psycho-social conditions. The treatment of psycho-social disorders using the method of hypnosis is called hypnotherapy. Addiction to cigarettes and obesity are some of the conditions that can be cured using hypnotherapy.

The city of Atlanta in the United States of America has recorded a high number of people who are affected by smoking addiction and obesity. This has resulted in the city having many hypnotherapy clinics. Atlanta’s clinical hypnotherapy focuses on treating addiction to smoking and obesity using behavioral methods. In particular, Atlanta hypnotists instill negative aspects of smoking in the mind of cigarette addicts. This negativity leads the addict to slowly develop hatred for cigarettes. One negative aspects used to demonize smoking is the pungent smell associated with cigarette-smoking. Others include creating a picture in the brain of the patient about the damage in the lungs of a smoking addict. This thoughts make the person to be disgusted with smoking Desired results are then achieved since the disgust leads to cessation of smoking.

Atlanta has many weight-loss clinics that use hypnotherapy. Atlanta weight loss clinics use mental hypnosis to achieve this as opposed to the popular methods like prescribing of slimming diets. It might not be very easy to visualize any correlation between weight-loss and mental hypnosis. However, such a relationship exists. By having patients hypnotize on positive impacts of weight-loss, Atlanta hypnotists achieve their goals. By creating an image of an eventual slim body of the client after weight-loss, hypnotists end up achieving their goal. It is such optimism that leads the affected person to engage in regular physical exercising and dieting. It is also possible to use negative aspects of excess weight to make the person work hard to lose weight. It is also possible to have an obese person detest junk foods by having them hypnotize on negative aspects of junk foods.
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Much as it might be more of a social therapy, hypnotherapy must be conducted by persons licensed under United States of America regulations. United States of America rules state that one who does hypnotherapy must be a licensed medical practitioner. It is evident that hypnotherapy works as is attested by the city of Atlanta. Many former cigarette-addicts have quit the vice after getting hypnotherapy services.Learning The Secrets About Hypnotherapy